FoundationPress is a free open-source project for everyone who uses WordPress to create websites. It started in late 2013 and has been regularly maintained since then. The purpose of FoundationPress, is to act as a small and handy toolbox that contains the essentials needed to build any design. FoundationPress is meant to be a starting point, not the final product.

Screenshot of the FoundationPress project


The goal was to create the best starter-theme as possible to accelerate start-up time for small web projects. I wanted to take advantage of opportunities offered by modern web technology and tools for optimized workflow.

The project does not have a defined end date. Further development will confinue as long as there is a need and interest in the community.

Another screenshot of the FoundationPress project

About the project

Foundation Press has been used by far more developers than what I could imagine. It was created as a tool I could use as boilerplate for new projects. I got an eye-opening experience when made it available on Github and started getting feedback. The project has primarily been a source of learning, as I've seen through and closed hundreds of issues, in collaboration with other developers.

It has been incredibly inspiring to see how different people come together to solve common problems, on a voluntary basis, without anyone getting paid.

FoundationPress is per now one of the most popular starter-themes for WordPress, with more than 210,000 downloads in total.

The project has more than 80 contributors, more than 2300 stars on Github, and has been translated into 15 languages.

FoundationPress has been used as a starter-theme for websites such as Harvard Center for Green Buildings and Cities, Show And Tell, Wahl + Case and many more.

Tools and technologies used

HTML, Sass, JavaScript, PHP, Gulp, BrowserSync, Foundation, Node, WordPress

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