SKAGEN Compass is a new service that allows customers to choose a balanced investment portfolio which takes into account the customer's individual risk profile and expectations of future returns.


Design a user-friendly tool that makes it easy for customers to understand the relationship between risk aversion and future returns. The solution should guide customers to take a sensible choice based on their preferences.

Screenshot of the new SKAGEN Compass design


We used Cagepmini’s design methodology for rapid prototyping (RDV). In just a few weeks, we designed a functional prototype that reflects the client's goals and users' needs.

We performed an analysis on audiences to uncover their needs. These goals, combined with customer requirements, laid the foundation for a series of sketches of various solutions.

SKAGEN performed usability tests on different versions of the prototypes on a selection of customers. After several adjustments, we developed a design which meets all the requirements of the solution.

The new self service guidance portal is called SKAGEN Compass.
Check it out here.

Tools and technologies used

Axure RP Pro, Keynote

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