Smartly is a subsidiary of Lyse AS, a municipally owned power company. Lyse operates ten hydroelectric and one thermal power plants, the power grid in 16 municipalities, as well as fiberoptic broadband and other telecommunication services, natural gas distribution, district heating, burglar alarms, liquefied natural gas, retailing, home automation and installation services. The company's head office is located in Stavanger.

Screenshot of the Smartly app


With a market share of ~23% (2015), Norway is the world leader in the adoption of electric cars. However, future growth of e-car adoption is hindered by existing regulations, where people living in shared households would not be able to charge e-cars without prior modifications to the electric installation of their homes. Without market pressure and a clear business opportunity, landlords are resistant to provide those requirements to their tenants.


With the Smartly App, this situation is disrupted: customers in shared households track the charging of their e-cars using the Smartly App, and Lyse is providing the necessary split invoicing to its customers without requiring modifications to the electric system at landlords’ houses.

Read more about how we kick-started the project and shipped the first version of the app in just six weeks.

Tools and technologies used

Adobe XD, Xamarin Forms, Xamarin Test Cloud

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